Blue sky, green pastures
A slice of yellow light
Cuts through the cold winds
Warms my goose flesh skin
Until the light fades away
Alone in quiet shadow
Except for Poe’s lonely raven
High in a black clawed tree
Neck stretched toward me
As I pass beneath
One eye cocked downward
Watching, watching
Waiting for the end of night
To call the lost ones home

Short Stories Anyone?


Birkbeck’s MA program in Creative Writing keeps the art of the short story alive in their eleventh anthology of short stories by Birkbeck students past and present. This year, the anthology includes a short story written by yours truly. Escaping Time started out as a short story, but after a few months of life, developed into my MA thesis: 15000 words of my current novel in progress. There are many exciting stories in this year’s anthology. I read them all in two days, and I enjoyed every single one. Some are a shock to the system, others are tear-jerkers, and then there are the ones that turn your view of the world or society or even yourself onto its head. I was humbled by the talent in this book and grateful the editors chose to include my story. The print books are nearly sold out. You can still find a few copies on Amazon or come along to a live reading to pick up your copy at the October 13th Hubbub at The Harrison Pub. There are plenty of ebooks available on Amazon here: MIR 11.