Month: June 2015

Friends Beyond the Grave

   I visited Keats’ and Shelley’s graves today in Rome’s Protestant Cemetery. It’s a beautiful site, plush with flowers, trees and amazing gravestones inscribed with heart wrenching final sentiments from those left behind. I bought this book of poems from the minuscule bookshop on site. It’s written in Italian and the ‘original English’ and includes…

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A new poem

Ruminations The north wind blows through February trees starlings take flight in the faded London sky black shadows ebb and flow murmurations mirroring my thoughts Stop worrying it’ll drive you crazy he likes to tell the future it makes him feel divine his words dig deep—roots that take hold How will I know when it…

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Liberty Tales update

Originally posted on Arachne Press:
We have our final line up for next Thursday, 18th June, 7pm at West Greenwich Library SE10 8NN. We are celebrating the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta with songs, stories, and a poem; all of which are free. Books will be on sale in the interval, and…

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