Month: August 2016

Dream bouquets

In my dreams I see reds and purples and blues as vividly as blacks and greys and whites. Sometimes yellows and greens stand out over the rest. When I was a young girl, someone told me that this was impossible, that our dreams were all in black and white. I decided I must have a…

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War smudge

It could be graffiti, it could be art, but it reminded me of war, half baked, quickly executed, with unknown fallout…a disaster in black and polluted white. 

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Shogun armor in an antique shop window in Amsterdam’s Museumplein. I couldn’t help thinking ‘that would fit me!’ as I passed by and had to snap a photograph. Dreams of another lifetime…they fill my everyday. 

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The Sun

The sun is missing today. This bear can attest to that. His shades are useless, farcical, with their oversize hearts. London skies are a sun vacuum, replacing the brilliant golds with bitter grey. I feel it today, a particular type of unkindness settling beneath my tepid skin. In Texas I would be burning with joy,…

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