Month: July 2017

Lovers of the world

These locks of love on top of Namsan (Mt.) in Seoul echo Paris’s love lock bridges. They hang as a promise between lovers that their love will last forever. Young love, old love, new love–can they all be true love? (The dreamer in me hopes the answer is yes!! ❤️)

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Haenyeo Village House

This is an example of a typical coastal village house that a haenyeo diver would have lived in on Jeju Island. If you look closely, you’ll notice the haenyeo standing on the porch. A stone wall fences in the property, while also acting as a protective barrier against the island’s strong winds. Jeju Island was…

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Jeju Island Diving Women

I have read about them, watched them on film/computer screens and dreamed about them in my sleep as I wrote my novel, but today I actually met a group of haenyeo diving women. I’m on South Korea’s famous island, Jeju-do. Tucked away in a cove below the looming Sunrise Peak on the island’s eastern coast…

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