Literary Festival in France


I am ecstatic that I will be at the Saint-Maur en Poche Literary Festival in France this weekend, 23-24 June, where I will sign copies of Filles de la Mer, the brilliant French edition of White Chrysanthemum. Check out their website to see the many, many amazing French and international authors who will be there. Many thanks to La Griffe Noire for supporting my novel! My book signing sessions are below:

Saturday, 23 June 14:30-16:30 and Sunday, 24 June 10:00-12:00

Robert Laffont

The elegant beauty of Kew

Kew Gardens Temperate House is the largest Victorian glass house in use today. Its recent restoration is a resounding success as the immaculate structure is glorious. School children filled the walkways as I meandered past exotic blooms, “how many colours have we found so far?” a teacher asked her charges, “seven!” came a confident reply followed by a countdown of colors.

This flower was my favourite. A cross between an exploded firework and a streamer fringed party horn, the velvet white petals stood out against the sea of green.

There is so much beauty to be found at Kew that one day spent wandering through the gardens is not enough.

Kew’s idyllic scenes inspire serenity and a sense of zen–highly recommended for nature lovers and city dwellers alike.

A view of Oslo

This small house on the fjord in Oslo would be an ideal writing hideaway. I see myself sitting at the window watching the world sail by, their nondescript faces blinking against the summer sun as they pass, and words filling my screen because I have nowhere to go, nothing to do but look and think and dream and write. En forfatters drøm!