The tree shadows on Hampstead Heath are timeless. This photograph could have been taken decades ago. As I pass these trees on my daily walk during lockdown, I often wonder what stories they hold locked in their rings of memory. So many books have come out in the last few years on the mysteries of trees. My favorite has to be The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wholleben (originally published in Germany in 2015). A fascinating read, I filled the pages with post it notes to mark my favorite bits of new tree knowledge. Highly recommended non-fiction read for nature lovers.

Holly by Mary Delaney (1775) via The British Museum

DAY TWENTY THREE: I’m grateful to all the creatives who enrich our lives, through art, music, literature, theatre, dance, film, photography—where would we be without the storytellers, the singers, and the poets? Those who look at this life and reflect it back to us as something new? Marking our hearts with memories that carry us across the ages, until we draw our last breath? Life would be unbearable without them. It would go on, but what would be the point?