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Window Box Blues

Not possessing a green thumb, my window box has not fared well this past year. Every few weeks I’ve been forced to replace poor, dead plants with new ones in an effort to keep the winter gloom out of my small London flat. There’s nothing like flowers and heather to cheer up a cold winter’s…

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Masters and Captains

I came across this old book of poems on my father’s bookshelf today. It was one of his college texts, and I’d often leaf through it when I was a girl, paying close attention to the poems he marked up in pencil. My favorite back then was Trees by Joyce Kilmer (‘I think that I…

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Poetry on Water

The animated skies above Lake Windermere doubtless inspired lesser poets than Wordsworth, their prose just as romantic and picturesque. I imagine a young poet gazing up at billious clouds burdened with snowflakes and the words spring forth in his mind, a ready poem to share with the world. But like so many youth inspired by…

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Read An Excerpt

If you can’t tell, I’m starting to get excited about the release of my book! Publication is still a few months away, but the days are starting to fly by. You can now read an excerpt from my upcoming novel, as well as an Author Q&A, on Penguin Random House’s website: White Chrysanthemum

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