It’s a full moon tonight. Does it make you feel different? Bolder, more emotional, full of what life was always meant to be? Or is it just another Monday night, another banal evening where nothing feels different? How do we measure change in a life that just goes on and on until it abruptly doesn’t, and even then we wouldn’t be aware of its end, it wouldn’t change for us, we would just be done? The harvest moon historically held an important place in the human calendar. It signaled the time for farmers to harvest their crops in preparation for the coming winter. It notated the autumnal equinox when the Earth’s equator is in line with the centre of the sun. What does it mean to us today? Are we still human enough to care? I live in a city of flats that assault the midnight sky. When the clouds don’t hover above our heads, bricks and mortar breach their absence. The moon and stars are elusive celestial creatures we rarely remember to search the skies for. Do we even look up at the heavens anymore? Do we still pray? It’s a full moon tonight. Can you see it? Can you feel it? Do you care?