Some days are better than others. These books of beautiful poems arrived today and I can’t wait to get lost in them. Poems are meant to be read, re-read, read aloud, chewed over and discussed so they can sink into the marrow of our bones and bond with our souls. Here’s to a soul-bonding weekend šŸ“ššŸ„‚

How to love

Love with your whole heartā€”

Your mind

Your body

And soul.

It sounds cliche

But try it.

Itā€™s the hardest fucking thing you will ever do.

Akin to peeling back your skin

Revealing your veins and saying


This is me


I am yours

The pulsing of your blood

From the chambers of your heart

Down to your loins

All visible for him to see

Just where to cut you

with the lies in his heartā€”

His mind

His body

And black and gutless soul.

It hurts.

But pain

Is proof of life

And life is good.

A thousand Wednesday protests pass in Junghak-dong,
But still they call you liars.
Your aged backs bend beneath their hate.
Why is it easier to believe that you areĀ whores,
Than to believe soldiersĀ becomeĀ beasts?
Who are these deniers of history?
Look at every nation, I say to them,
Show me an army that does not rape.
Sierra Leoneā€”there is no end.
The truth of war is known: ‘And I will gather all nations against Jerusalem for battle; and the city shall be taken, and the houses plundered, and the women ravished…’ At least Zechariah documents his shame.
To you grandmothers, I say, Bend no more, the shame is not yours to carry.