Remembering the Marikana massacre of mine workers in South Africa in 2012. By artist Haroon Gunn-Salie, Senzenina (2018), the surrendering bodies have no heads and no hands, as though their minds and their physical agency are removed by the state. Primeval and shocking, it is worth a visit.


When the sun shines in this city the parks fill up with sun worshippers. Regents Park is a popular destination not only for its green spaces, playing fields and flowers, but also for the fabulous water features. Triton fountain was designed by William McMillan of Trafalgar Square fame. It adds a touch of fantasy in the midst of this crowded city, heaving with life even in the midst of senseless loss. Gazing at the rippling waters, you can forget where you are and when, and imagine the blast of a conch horn, roaring winds and mountainous waves. Or at least I can, when the sun glints off the the water just right and a seagull cries overhead, I’m there in the Aegean Sea swimming out to greet the merman god himself.

Hamptead Heath Ponds

Every picture of the Heath is a painting, and this one of Hampstead’s No 1 Pond is no different. It aches to be set on canvas. An end of summer project perhaps? Whenever I’m feeling too closed in from living in the city, a walk on the Heath sets me straight. Quacking ducks, barking dogs, rustling leaves, and — if you’re lucky — a bit of sun gives this spot of nature in the midst of London the power to mend a tired soul.