A feast of poetry


Some days are better than others. These books of beautiful poems arrived today and I can’t wait to get lost in them. Poems are meant to be read, re-read, read aloud, chewed over and discussed so they can sink into the marrow of our bones and bond with our souls. Here’s to a soul-bonding weekend 📚🥂


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  1. I hope this email reaches you. I am presenting White Chrysanthemum to my book club next and I would love to know how to pronounce hyaenseo correctly. Could you help? I am rereading the book and it’s even better the second time around.

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    • If you copy/paste 해녀 into Google translate, the audio reader will pronounce it for you. It’s a wonderful translation tool! The best I could do phonetically is: hen-nyuh (I hope your presentation goes well!!!)

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