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  1. Just finished this book and it was truly amazing. I could not put it down and it was absolutely heart wrenching. I knew nothing of this terrible history of ‘comfort women’. You inspired me to dig deeper and I was shocked and appalled to see the Peace statue had been removed. May we never forget.

  2. Your book was beautiful! Loved your afterward too, I loved understanding more about your process, thank you for sharing! I think I will always have a soft spot fir Mongolia now… hoping you will write more – anything in the works? ❤️

    • Thank you for your comment Mimi! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading my book. I’m with you, I too fell in love with Mongolia! I have just finished writing book two, which is so exciting! I will definitely post again with more details when I have them. Watch this space!

  3. Hi, sorry i’m French, so my english is…special ! I read your book last April, during the first confinement in France. And it was a marvellous moment ! I didn’t read a book like this one since many years. It was intelligent, instructive, emotionnal… i made a travel in this country, those life, this time. Thank you for this hard but brillant story and for the way you wrote it. Since many months, i buy it for my family and my friends. Everebydo love it. Thank you.

  4. I just finished reading White Chrysanthemum this evening, and it was the best book I have read in years! I do hope you continue to write more stories of that caliber, and I will be one of your most faithful followers. I’m so glad you let Hana live in the end, because no one deserves life more. Thank you for a sensitive, life affirming story.

  5. Dear Mary,
    Your book changed my life. I read it because of the book signing club TAG Livros, of Brazil, with the name “Herdeiras do mar”. You were perfect in your writing and in building the story.
    I wrote this comment to thank you fot writing this book.
    Wish you the best things!
    xoxo, Juliana

  6. How lucky to have discovered your book because my wife is part of a women’s book club. The happy end of Hanna’s destiny in this united, free and living family on the great plains of Mongolia is great and allayed my indignation. One of the mysteries of the female soul for a man is Emi’s love for the children she had with her husband, her father’s murderer.
    Love, poetry, what a joy to read your book and to forget this world which does not seem to have understood the essentials.
    Excuse the mistakes, I’m French.

  7. If you are going to be in New Orleans, La. for Feb 17th, 2019, please advise. I’m having a book club at my house with White Chrysanthemum and you are most welcome to attend.

  8. I just read your heart-wrenching, fantastic, novel and the next day I thought your storytelling of the sisters and the one, a ‘comfort woman’, would make a fabulous movie. That same day I read about the release of the film of Crazy Rich Asians. Wow! I hope you will pursue White Chrysthansemum becoming a movie with a sensitive director and cast. I also look forward to your future writings. Thank You, Ms. Bracht for the tenderness, rage, and passion of your characters in the book.

  9. I am looking for a good book on the history of Korea that does not focus on the Korean War alone. Would you have any suggestions? I always want to back what I read in fictionalized form with the straight factual history if at all possible.

    • Hi Bonnie, I love to do that too! I included a reading list in the back of the book with some great suggestions. I think numbers 1 & 6 might be good reads for you:
      1. A History of East Asia: From the Origins of Civilization to the Twenty-First Century by Charles Holcombe
      6. Everlasting Flower: A History of Korea by Keith Pratt
      Check them out and perhaps they can lead you to more sources to read — depending on what you’re searching for. Good luck! 😊

  10. Thank you for writing White Chrysanthemum. It has opened my eyes while making me weep.

  11. Hi Mary,
    I am not sure how your book flew past my radar but I’m so glad to have found it and I’ll be reading it soon. I wish I would have met you prior to the publication of an anthology of Mixec Korean Stories that was just launched because it woukd have been an honor to have you contribute. Congratulations on getting published to such acclaim! So exciting. I’m working, with the help of an agent, on a fictionalized version of my mother’s life story revolving around her life in a camp town and how she met my father. Also there is a group for Korean American Writers that I can send you an invite for if you’re interested. Many names you’d recognize in the group. Just drop me a line via my email. Again huge congrats on your debut! And FYI my website is being updated so the link below won’t get you to anything yet.

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