Birkbeck’s MA program in Creative Writing keeps the art of the short story alive in their eleventh anthology of short stories by Birkbeck students past and present. This year, the anthology includes a short story written by yours truly. Escaping Time started out as a short story, but after a few months of life, developed into my MA thesis: 15000 words of my current novel in progress. There are many exciting stories in this year’s anthology. I read them all in two days, and I enjoyed every single one. Some are a shock to the system, others are tear-jerkers, and then there are the ones that turn your view of the world or society or even yourself onto its head. I was humbled by the talent in this book and grateful the editors chose to include my story. The print books are nearly sold out. You can still find a few copies on Amazon or come along to a live reading to pick up your copy at the October 13th Hubbub at The Harrison Pub. There are plenty of ebooks available on Amazon here: MIR 11.